Review: Pizza at Sciue

by gigi on November 2, 2008

Jerry and I decided to meet up and go for lunch one day when I was working downtown.  We decided to go to Sciue because it was kind of between our two offices and we wouldn’t feel too rushed during our lunch.  I had gone to Sciue once with Victoria quite a while back and went away feeling the pizza was too hard and not too tasty.  We suspected at that time it was because Sciue was more of a lunch/day time restaurant and since we went towards closing time, the pizza was no longer fresh.  I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it out again with the rest of the lunch crowd.

I decided to order two small slices of pizza so I could try a couple of different toppings.  Although the other lunch items at Sciue also looked quite good, the pizza was obviously the main attraction so that’s what I wanted to eat.  The available pizzas are all lined up on the counter and you just need to point to which one you wanted.  Because the pizza was priced according to weight, you could specify as big or little of a piece as you wished.

I was in a seafood mood that day so I decided to have the smoked salmon and prawns pizzas.  Looking back at my pictures, I guess they were both kind of similar since they were both on beds of greens.  :)  They both had their unique tastes though although next time, I’ll try to pick something more contrasting in flavours.

Of the two, I enjoyed the smoked salmon version a bit more.  The creamy texture of the smoked salmon went well with the crunchy greens and the light tomato sauce.  The shrimp version had a familiar taste to it, although I had never had such a pizza before.  The crust was crisp and light but as I chewed the pizza, the slightly chewy middle of the dough provided a nice contrast.


Along with my San Pellegrino Aranciata drink, my lunch cost around $9.  Although not the cheapest of workday lunches, I think it was a good value for what I got.  I’m glad that I gave Sciue another try during their peak hours because the taste of the pizza was completely different from the first time I went.  Line-ups during lunch were also quite long (we waited around 10-15 minutes in line) so it’s best to go a bit early if you are in a time crunch.

Note: When I was walking through Yaletown last weekend, I saw that another Sciue had opened up at 126 Davie St across from Urban Fare.  Although I haven’t tried it yet, I assume it to have the same type of food as the Pender Street one.  Leave a comment if you have tried this new location!

110-800 Pender St, Vancouver
Tel: 604-602-7263

Food: [rating:4]
Service: n/a
Price: $

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