Review: Dim Sum at Golden Ocean

by gigi on October 7, 2008

Jenkins and I met up with Jenkins’ parents one weekend afternoon for some dim sum at Golden Ocean in Kerrisdale.  Although I’ve come here before, it’s usually for dinner and it was the first time I had been there for dim sum in quite a while.  Because Golden Ocean is one of the few dim sum places in the Kerrisdale area, it’s almost always packed during meal times.  Lucky for us, that day, we only had to wait about 10 minutes before we were seated.

Jenkins’ mom was responsible for ordering most of the items that day.  First came one of Jenkins’ favourites: pan-fried pork buns.  It looked quite tasty but the bun part was a bit mushy.  The pork part was quite tasty though and went very well with the red vinegar dipping sauce.


Next came the har gow shrimp dumplings.  These were nicely steamed with the rice wrapping skin having some nice elasticity to it.  It sucks when the skin is over-steamed and it starts to melt away when you try to pick up the dumplings with your chopsticks.  :)


I had never had these pan-fried turnip cakes before but they were one of my favourite items of the day.  The toasted sesame seats on top added a nice roasted and nutty flavour and the puff pastry was flaky but not too oily.  I’d definitely order these again.


I’m not sure what these are called in English but they are bean curd rolls with minced pork and some veggies inside.   Some restaurants make this oilier than it really needs to be but at Golden Ocean, there was hardly any oil and it actually made you think it was healthy.  :)  (Or should I say healthier…)


The sui mai pork dumplings were also quite tasty.  It was a bit smaller than I was used to but the pork and shrimp had a nice crunchiness to it.


These shrimp dumplings also had garlic chives in it which gave the dumplings a mild garlic flavour.  It only had three pieces though so the four of us had to share.


The stamed spare ribs with black bean did not have too much black bean taste but had a great garlicky flavour to it.  I think it would have gone really well with a bowl of rice.


It doesn’t seem like we ate too many dishes but I’m trying my best not to overeat at dim sum these days.  I figure that way, I’m able to go to dim sum more often without it being too unhealthy.  :)  If you are ok with waiting a bit to be seated or are able to go earlier in the day, dim sum at Golden Ocean is always a good option.

2008 W. 41st Ave, Vancouver
Tel: (604) 263-8886

Food: [rating:4]
Service: [rating:2.5]
Price: $$

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