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July 2008

Review: Cheap Eats at Hawker’s Delight

by gigi on July 31, 2008

Tricia and I decided to meet up one day for a cookie baking session but first, we had to grab some dinner.  We decided to go to Hawker’s Delight by King Edward and Main because it was a cheap and fast option.  I had never been to Hawker’s Delight before because I always tried to […]


Review: Corner 23 Bubble Tea

by gigi on July 29, 2008

After my birthday dinner at Bistro Sakana, we decided to continue the evening and go for bubble tea.  We were all in the mood for something new so Lucy suggested Corner 23.  She had bubble tea there the other day and said that it was pretty good.  Corner 23 is a new-ish Taiwanese eatery that […]


Review: Birthday Eats at Bistro Sakana

by gigi on July 23, 2008

Another year, another birthday!   This year, I went for dinner with Samantha, Lucy, and Jenkins.  I really wasn’t sure where to go for dinner but then I remembered it had been a while since I was last at Bistro Sakana.  I’m not sure why there was such a lag since my last visit since […]


Review: Riddim & Spice

by gigi on July 21, 2008

It was my birthday a few weeks ago and my team decided to take me out for lunch.    Christina suggested Riddim & Spice over on Commercial Drive.  It is a small Caribbean restaurant that also does quite a bit of take-out.  Christina has been going there for years and highly recommended it. The restaurant […]


Review: Dimming It Up at Spicy Court

by gigi on July 9, 2008

I headed over to Spicy Court one day for some dim sum with Jenkins’ family.  Spicy Court is located diagonally from Oakridge Centre and is pretty close to Jenkins’ family and some of my family members.  As a result, I tend to go there pretty often.    If you order your food and get the […]


Review: Poking Some Fun at Po King

by gigi on July 8, 2008

I first went to Po King a while back when my grandparents introduced it to me.  It’s a relatively cheap Chinese restaurant that opened a few months ago and offered dim sum for $2.99 per dish.  As such, it’s pretty busy at lunch and it’s best to get there a bit before 12 (at least […]