Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

by gigi on June 11, 2008

I’m a bit late to hop on this “breaking news” so I’m sure most people have heard about the salmonella outbreak in tomatoes in the US. I first saw this in the paper yesterday but it didn’t occur to me to blog about it until now. Well, that and Keith suggested I should. :)


So far, the outbreak seems to be limited to the US, but several Canadian restaurants have pulled tomatoes from their menus as a precautionary measure. Restaurants include MacDoanld’s, Milestones, and KFC.

Just in case you haven’t heard about this tomato panic yet and can’t live without tomatoes, health officials say that grape tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and tomatoes that are sold on vines should be ok for consumptions.

I have a fondness for tomatoes and often munch on them for a snack so I’m glad not all tomatoes are affected by the outbreak. What are YOU doing to feed your tomato fix? :)

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