Review: Good Eats at Sushi King

by gigi on June 4, 2008

A new sushi place opened up sometime last year along Kingsway and Boundary-ish.  Lucky for me, it is quite close to where I work and even luckier for me, the sushi is tasty and reasonably priced.  :)  I have been here several times since I found out about it from Corbi.  To reward me for my frequent visits, I even have a stamp card where I can collect small discounts (5-15% off) and free California rolls!

Mabel and I came here for lunch one day and also to take advantage of my free California rolls reward from my stamp card.  :)  I guess the owners recognize us and realized we were frequent visitors so we were also gifted with some octopus sashimi.  It was fresh and quite tasty.  I really enjoyed the slightly chewy texture of octopus.

sushi king

That day, I decided to go with the tuna and salmon don.  It’s one of my favourite dishes when I go for sushi because it’s almost like nigiri sushi but you assemble it yourself.  😉  The salmon and tuna pieces were very large and tasty.  I’m not sure what type of tuna they use here, but it tastes almost like toro and seems fattier than regular tuna in other restaurants.  The tuna and salmon don here is great because they don’t put in very much rice, which assists me in not overeating.  :)  At $8.50, it’s really a good deal.

sushi king

My tuna and salmon don also came with miso soup.

sushi king

Mabel chose the chicken udon.  The noodles were slightly chewy and had several chunks of chicken.  Mabel enjoyed it quite a bit and she mentioned that it was a good size for lunch.  If I recall correctly, this was $8.75.

sushi king

The California rolls were very tasty and not just because it was free.  :)  It comes with a small drizzling of mayo on top but I usually ask them to hold the mayo so I can be slightly healthier.  Even without the mayo, these rolls are very good.
sushi king

Overall, it was another enjoyable meal at Sushi King.  The next time I go back, I’ll order something different and try something new to blog about.  :)   Service can be slow at times though because there is basically one guy making all the sushi and it has become quite busy during the weekday lunch hour.

3520 Kingsway, Vancouver
Tel: 604-431-6283

Food:  [rating:4]
Service: [rating:2.5]
Price: $

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