Xi’an: Horse Street

by gigi on April 21, 2008

Our tour guide took us to Horse Street to do some strolling and shopping. Horse Street is right in the city centre of Xi’an and was recently turned into a pedestrian-only area. Even though we were there on a week day, it was bustling with people and also had a lively row of food stalls. Before we started exploring the food stalls, we made a quick stop into Wal-Mart, which had just opened earlier that month.

horse st

We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside but Jenkins likened this Wal-Mart to a gigantic T&T. :) Whereas the Wal-Mart’s in the Vancouver area have a variety of electronics, clothing, and food, the Xi’an Wal-Mart’s food section definitely took up the majority of the space. We had a great time wandering through the aisles looking at all the yummy and cheap snacks, including Japanese steak-flavoured Cheetos. :)

Once we were back outside on Horse Street, we started looking around the food stalls. Our tour guide, Cherry, said that the stalls represented food from all the different parts of China. I could smell the stinky tofu stall so that was the first place I checked out.

horse st

This was one of the best stinky tofus I had ever had. It was super fresh, not oily, and very stinky. :) I poured a variety of sauces over it but I was probably too liberal with the sauce. :) Believe it or not, but I got about 8-10 pieces of tofu for $0.70. :) I have a picture but it’s on Grick’s camera so check back in a couple of days.

horse st

Next, we all shared several lamb skewers. Cherry explained that these were very popular in Xi’an, as was evidenced by the huge crowd.

horse st

These lamb skewers were delicious. They were very spicy and the lamb was super juicy. Even though your mouth starts to burn from the spiciness after a while, you just can’t stop eating them. :) It was less than 50 cents per skewer.

horse st

I actually enjoyed the food on Horse Street more than the food I had had in the Xi’an restaurants so far. If I hadn’t stuffed myself on stinky tofu and lamb skewers, I definitely would have gone and tried all the other stalls as well. :)

Food: [rating:4]
Service: n/a
Price: $

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