Narita: Beard Papa’s

by gigi on March 31, 2008

Since we were flying to China via Japan Airlines, we had a half day stop over in Japan near Narita Airport.  Since we didn’t get to our hotel until late in the afternoon, we only had enough time to shop at a nearby Narita mall.  I would have loved to zip into Tokyo but it just wasn’t practical.  But I suppose that just means I will need to go back to Japan someday.  :)

We found out about Aeon Mall from my aunt, who brought us maps and mall directories from her last trip to Tokyo.  Since we were hungry after our long flight, our first stop in the mall was to Beard Papa’s.  I’m sure most people in Vancouver have been to the Beard Papa’s in Aberdeen Centre by now but how can you resist Beard Papa’s when you are in the country where it was invented? :) The selection was much larger (obviously!) and the line-ups were not as long.

beard papa’s

The cream puff shells were piled high on the counter and looked so delicious.  There was someone constantly pumping these with one of the several flavoured creams available.

beard papa’s

The cream puff of the month was strawberry, so we decided to give that a try.  There was also a new product on the market called the “Paris Brest”.  It was a doughnut-shaped cream puff shell pumped with fresh vanilla cream.

beard papa’s

Yum…just looking at these pictures makes me want to eat some more cream puffs!  We gobbled these up in no time.

beard papa’s

My favourite of the two was the strawberry cream puff.  The outside was crispy and light and the strawberry cream was rich with strawberry goodness.  I found these to taste better than the ones in Vancouver…perhaps because they are more fresh?  To be fair, the Vancouver ones that I ate were a day old.

Grick and Jenkins liked the Brest more.  I guess because the doughnut shape had more surface area than the regular cream puff, it was much crispier.  If I was in Japan for more than just half a day, I would definitely try all the other flavours.  :)  Each brest or cream puff cost approximately $1.50Cdn.

24, Wing Tsuchiya, Narita, Chiba, Japan
Tel: +81-(0)476-23-8282

Food: [rating:4]
Service: n/a
Price: $

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