Review: Japan Airlines Lunch

by gigi on March 24, 2008

To kick-start Jenkins and my China/Hong Kong adventures, what better place to start than to go over the airplane food we ate on our way there? :) We flew on Japan Airlines and our travel agent scored us seats on the upper deck. It’s not first class but we were in a smaller area so it was quieter and seemed more roomy. :) Let me say that the service on Japan Airlines is excellent and the food was also better than I expected!

We had our choice of a couple of entrees for our lunch: chicken or fish. Jenkins got the last chicken dish so I had the fish. Jenkins felt that the chicken actually wasn’t as filling as mine even though the rice for the fish was a bit overcooked.


My lunch also came with a couple of sides: some Inari sushi and a pasta salad.  I wasn’t too impressed with the pasta salad but my inari was actually quite tasty.  The bean curd wasn’t overly sweet or watery and the rice had the right amount of vinegar.


For dessert, I had a coffee cream cake.  I wasn’t too crazy about this but my brother really liked it.  You can also see my tomato juice in the picture below.  I always like to order it on the airplane because it seems more filling.  :)


Japan Airlines also has a “Sky Oasis”, which is a tray full of goodies that you can help yourself to during the flight.  I assume this is for long distance flights only and it has both drinks and food available.  I grabbed a bunch of different cookies and crackers for Jenkins, my brother, and me to try.  I really liked this self-serve option because you didn’t feel like you were bugging the attendants for food all the time.  :)


Our next meal consisted of tuna sandwiches with some fruit/veggies and a cookie.  The sandwich actually tasted ok although I wished that there was more fruit and veggies included.


Overall, I was very pleased with both the food and service on Japan Airlines and would definitely consider flying with them again.  I forgot to take a picture but at the beginning of each flight, they also provide you with fresh towels to freshen yourself up.  :)

Food: [rating:2.5]
Service: [rating:5/5]

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