Review: Dragonball Tea House

by gigi on March 18, 2008

Note: this is my last post before I tackle my China trip series! :)

I was in the mood for some bubble tea one evening after dinner so Jenkins and I made a quick stop at Dragonball Tea House.  As mentioned before, it is one of my favourite bubble tea places in Vancouver.

I opted for the guilinggao milk tea this time around.  For those of you who don’t know, guilinggao is a Chinese herbal jelly made with turtle shells.  At only $3.50 for this drink, I’m not sure how much guilinggao is actually in the drink.  The taste is actually very refreshing and tastes very similar to grass jelly.  My mom used to make guilinggao for me all the time when I was younger because it was supposed to be good for my skin.  :)

The guilinggao milk tea seems to be just regular milk tea with guilinggao jelly chunks at the bottom.  It was a good thing I didn’t add coconut jelly nor pearls to my drink since the jelly chunks were filling enough.  :)

dragonball tea house

Yet another good pick at Dragonball…although I must admit that I have rarely made a poor choice when picking drinks here.  I think I may order the guilinggao again the next time I’m at Dragonball.

1007 W King Edward, Vancouver
Tel: 604-738-3198

Food: [rating:4]
Service: n/a
Price: $

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