Review: Prima Taste (Re-visit)

by gigi on March 13, 2008

UPDATE Apr 7, 2009: I’m not sure when it happened but Prima Taste has closed down sometime over the winter and in its place is now a sushi restaurant.


Jenkins and I were looking for a cheap place to go for dinner one day. Even though it’s not the cheapest place around (although the prices are reasonable), I had a coupon for Prima Taste so decided that it would do. :) It had also been a while since we were last here so it was time for a re-visit.

prima taste

The dish sizes at Prima Taste are not terribly large, but we usually just order two dishes for us to share. If we are feeling hungry, we may also add an appetizer but this time around, we weren’t too hungry.

The first dish to come was the chicken platter, which came with Prima Taste’s crispy chicken (pictured right) and Hainanese chicken (pictured left). Hainanese chicken is a specialty in southeast Asian countries and is one of my and Jenkins’ favourite chicken dishes. I’m not sure how traditional the crispy chicken is, but it is also very tasty. :)

prima taste

The platter cost about $15 and also came with a variety of dips, sauces, Hainanese rice and some chicken soup.

prima taste

Part of the reason why I wanted to go to Prima Taste that day was because I had a craving for Nasi Goreng. We chose the chicken version (you can also get vegetarian or seafood), which also came with green onions, bean sprouts, carrots, and peas. The fried rice is also slightly spicy, which may be why I like it since it’s something different.

prima taste

Jenkins tells me that Prima Taste is actually a chain in Singapore and that there are quite a few of the restaurants there. I’ve never been to Singpore so I wouldn’t know for sure myself. :) But they do have pretty good food and at quite reasonable prices. If you have an Entertainment Book, you can also print out a coupon for 50% off your second dish.

570 Robson St, Vancouver
Tel: 604-685-7881

Food: [rating: 3.5]
Service: [rating: 3]
Price: $$

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