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by gigi on February 26, 2008

It was Valentine’s Day so Jenkins and I went to Alleluia Cafe.  :)  Alleluia is a Hong Kong-style cafe in Richmond that is well-known for their cheap and tasty dishes.  We had only been here once before and had enjoyed it a lot but because of its long line-ups, we never ventured back.  I guess most people were out having fancy Valentine’s Day dinner so Alleluia was actually quite quiet that evening.  :)

alleluia cafe

We ordered two dishes to share and they came with our choice of drink and a soup.  For the drinks, Jenkins chose a cold lemon tea and I chose a warm honey lemon drink.  With the lemon drinks at HK-style cafes, the lemons come sliced but you have to break up the lemon with your spoon to release the flavour into the drink.

alleluia cafe

Jenkins and both chose a clear vegetable soup because it seemed more healthy than the other cream-based choices.  It came with some small chunks of bok choy and carrots.

alleluia cafe

The first dish that arrived was the grilled meat item.  One of Alleluia’s specialties is their grilled dishes.  For $6.95, you get a choice of two grilled items (such as chicken, grilled oysters, and minute steak), a choice of rice or spaghetti, vegetables, and a choice of sauce (including pepper, garlic, and curry).  For $8.95, you get to pick three grilled items…pretty unbeatable.  :)  Jenkins and I chose the pan-fried chicken, grilled beef tongue, and spareribs for our grilled items and a pepper sauce for our dish.

The spareribs were very tasty and didn’t even need a knife to pull the meat away from the bone.  I also liked the grilled beef tongue as it had a nice crunch and was very juicy.  The chicken was standard but nice and crispy.  We didn’t use up all the sauce that came with our dish…Jenkins noted that it didn’t go too well with our meat choices so maybe we will have to pick something else next time.

alleluia cafe

We also ordered baked pork chop with rice as that is one of our old standbys.  The baked pork chop here is huge and we ended up only eating half!  Lucky for me though because I brought the leftovers for lunch the next day.  :)  There was quite a bit of sauce here and the rice was a bit overcooked for my liking.  However, the pork chop was very tasty and overall, it wasn’t too bad.  :)

alleluia cafe

If the line-ups at Alleluia weren’t always so long, I would definitely come here more often.  The food is tasty, the portions are large, and the prices really can’t be beat.  Another thing I like about this place is that they don’t charge extra for cold drinks, which is what some places do.  :)

188-8131 Westminster Hwy, Richmond
Tel: 604-271-8266

Food: [rating:3]
Service: [rating:2.5]
Price: $

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