Wedding: Anna’s Cake House

by gigi on January 28, 2008

Right after our tasting at Sweet Obsessions, Jenkins and I headed over to the main Anna’s Cake House location, which is located at E. Broadway and Fraser. Anna’s is one of the more well-known Asian bakeries in the Lower Mainland and has a large selection of Asian buns and pastries. What I didn’t know prior to my wedding cake research, was that Anna’s makes about 300 wedding cakes each season…which is a pretty phenomenal amount when you think about it.

Jenkins and I met with Ron, the main wedding coordinator for Anna’s. He recommended that for a wedding of our size, we would be best off with a sheet cake in the flavour(s) that we wanted. We could then rent a fake cake from Anna’s and decorate it with flowers and other things. Delivery, cake stands, and everything else were added on a per cost basis.

Then it was time to taste the cakes. Ron had prepared a plate of five of their more popular wedding cake options. Anna’s cakes are all prepared fresh on the day of the wedding, so their cakes have a very light taste and they also use fresh cream instead of fondant or ganache. He suggested that we start with the lighter flavours and then move on to the richer and more chocolatey flavours.

anna’s cake house

We started with the traditional fresh fruit cake flavour. Growing up, both Jenkins and I had eaten this type of cake countless times at birthdays and many other special events. We were looking for something a bit more original. :) They also had a version of this cake but with a crispy cookie layer. Actually, the cookie layer was originally crispy but by the time we ate it, it was a bit soggy. We weren’t sure if the cookie would be able to stay crispy by the time we ate it at the reception so we passed on this flavour as well.

Next, we had a mango and coconut mousse cake. I liked the tropical taste of this cake and the mousse had a very light consistency. Next was the tiramisu cake…Asian style. :) This was more of a coffee mousse cake with coffee sponge cake in my opinion but was actually quite good. The coffee taste was quite strong and this was a bit heavier than the fruit cakes. Lastly, we tried the chocolate mousse cake. You could really taste the chocolate, but it was still very light and the cake was very moist.

My favourite cakes tasted here would be the mango and coconut mousse cake and the coffee cake. The cakes here were all very light and the whipped cream was a nice change from the ganache, frosting, and fondant that we had tried at some of the other bakeries. Having grown up eating almost all these cakes, they certainly brought back memories of birthdays and celebrations past. :) Ron was very helpful in explaining the cake process to us and Jenkins likened him to a scientist. :) The pricing here is also very reasonable, probably due to their almost factory-like efficiency.
606 E. Broadway, Vancouver
Tel: 604-876-6532

Food: [rating:3]
Service: n/a
Price: $

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