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by gigi on January 17, 2008

After Jenkins and I finished our cake tasting at Ganache, we headed over to Cupcakes on Broadway for our second and last tasting of the day. If you are going to cake tastings, I would recommend not doing more than twice a day, or else you will get tired of cake pretty quickly. I didn’t think that could actually happen to me but it did! :)

Cupcakes has two locations in Vancouver but all wedding (cup)cake consultations take place at the Broadway location. Once we were there, we were greeted by Isabella, who coordinates all the wedding cake orders. In addition to the cost for the cake, you would also be charged for delivery and cake stand rentals. Cupcakes offers both regular wedding cakes and cupcake-style wedding cakes.

I had been looking forward to choosing which flavours to try at Cupcakes, but unfortunately, they were all pre-selected for us. Not only that, but we got the tiny cupcakes rather than the regular sized ones! It was also a bit difficult to cut the cupcakes in half for both Jenkins and me try.

We were given four cupcakes: lemon, vanilla, chocolate, and coconut. I started with the chocolate cupcake. The cake was moist but the chocolate icing was very sweet. I normally like lemon cakes but I found it hard to taste the lemon flavour in the lemon cupcake and again, the icing was too sweet for my taste. The vanilla cupcake was more of the same, with the icing being too sweet for my taste. I liked the coconut cupcake the most but that’s probably because the sweetness of the icing was cut with the shredded coconut.


To tell you the truth, I was a bit disappointed with Cupcakes but not overly surprised. I find that the cupcakes here are hit and miss and since we weren’t able to pick which cupcakes to try, we were unfortunately stuck with some duds. Both Jenkins and I found the icing much too sweet and there was way too much of it. Jenkins even noted that he preferred Safeway cupcakes more! Long after we finished our tasting here, we could still feel the sticky sweetness on our teeth. Cupcakes seems to be pretty popular despite our personal opinions. I guess it is an acquired taste or only appeals to some people. :)

2887 W. Broadway, Vancouver
Tel: 604-974-1300

Food: [rating: 1.5]
Service: n/a
Price: $$

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