Review: Saffron Indian Cuisine

by gigi on January 9, 2008

Gene, Christina, Mabel, and I went to Saffron restaurant to celebrate our last day of work together before some of us started our Christmas holidays. Saffron is an Indian restaurant located on Kingsway near Metrotown. For lunch, they offer a small but tasty buffet for $10.95. I had only ordered take-out from here so I was interested to see what was offered at the lunch buffet.

I must have forgotten to turn on my macro mode on my camera that day as some of my pictures are a bit blurry but I think you will get the general idea of what the food looked like. :)

The chicken biryani was quite tasty and packed with a lot of veggies.


Butter chicken is always one of the most popular dishes here. The chunks of chicken are quite big and the sauce is great to dip your naan bread in.


I don’t remember what this was called but the potatoes were a bit undercooked. The extra crunch of the potatoes did make this dish interesting though. :)


My favourite dish at Saffron is the Tandoori chicken. The chicken is always juicy and full of great flavour.


I don’t remember what this dish was called either but Christina recommended it to me. It is full of peas and lentils and went very well with naan because of its saucy consistency.


The fried dough was surprisingly light and was also good for dipping in the saucy dishes like the butter chicken and the lentil dish above. It is slightly sweet and very crunchy.


Finally, we were on to dessert. I tried a mango pudding that also had other types of fruit mixed in. It was very creamy and had a strong mango taste. I am not a big fan of creamy puddings though so this did not appeal to me very much.


I also had some rice pudding. I’m not sure what this is called but I have tried it in other Indian restaurants. It is slightly sweet and has a soupy texture with well-boiled rice. I found it lighter than the mango pudding and enjoyed the taste of this more.


Mabel is a big fan of the sweet cake balls offered at Indian restaurants. Again, I am not sure what this is called. :) It is the sweetest of the three desserts in this review so if you enjoy sweet things, this may be a dessert for you.


I didn’t realize it at the time, but the food at Saffron is very rich and will sit in your stomach long after you have stopped eating. Because everything was so tasty and I wanted to try a little of everything, I overate quite a bit. :) The important thing to remember at buffets like this is to know when it is time to stop eating! :) At $10.95 per person for the lunch buffet, this is a good deal, especially when considering the large selection of items to choose from.

4300 Kingsway, Burnaby
Tel: 604-436-5000

Food: [rating:3.5]
Service: [rating:2.5]
Price: $$

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