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by gigi on January 6, 2008

Jenkins and I went to Kirin Seafood Restaurant on Cambie at 12th (City Square) one weekend for dim sum. It has been a while since I was last at this particular Kirin, since I normally go to the one in Richmond. This Kirin is located on the top level of City Square mall.


It was a clear day and we were seated right by the window so we had a nice view of downtown. My picture here doesn’t do it justice so you will need to use your imagination. :)


Jenkins was in the mood for fried rice so we only ordered a few dim sum items. First up was some siu mai (pork and shrimp dumplings). This was piping hot and very tasty. The pork made this dumpling extra juicy. :)


We also had some Chinese doughnut wrapped in rice roll wrap (jah lurng). Kirin differentiated their version of this dish by adding shredded pork. The doughnut was extra crispy and the shredded pork was a nice addition.


There was a small dish of XO sauce included with our lunch, which I used to dip the siu mai and jah lurng in. It was quite spicy, so I didn’t need to add very much to give the food an extra kick.


The har gow was very tasty. The rice wrap was thin and cooked just right. My only complaint was that the har gow could have been a bit bigger. :)


Jenkins and I decided to try the honeymoon fried rice. I like this fried rice because it has two sauces, which means twice the flavour and twice the fun! :) The white side is a cram sauce with peas and shrimp while the red side is tomato-based and comes with chunks of tomatoes and chicken. Both sides were good although I always prefer the tomato side more. This dish was also a bit small, although very tasty.


I always find the dim sum at Kirin to be a tad too expensive although the food is always very good. The service here is also very efficient and attentive. Even though the restaurant was busy, it is not as busy as the other Kirin restaurants so we were able to get a seat easily and by the window, no less. :)

555 W 12th Ave, Vancouver
Tel: 604-879-8038

Food: [rating:3]
Service: [rating:3]
Price: $$

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