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January 2008

Review: Ba Le French Sandwiches

by gigi on January 29, 2008

One of Jenkins and my favourite places to go for Vietnamese subs is Ba Le right at the corner of Kingsway and Fraser.  We found out about this place a few years ago and it is a great place to go for cheap and delicious Vietnamese-style subs.  If you go between 12-1pm, it is usually […]


Wedding: Anna’s Cake House

by gigi on January 28, 2008

Right after our tasting at Sweet Obsessions, Jenkins and I headed over to the main Anna’s Cake House location, which is located at E. Broadway and Fraser. Anna’s is one of the more well-known Asian bakeries in the Lower Mainland and has a large selection of Asian buns and pastries. What I didn’t know prior […]


Wedding: Sweet Obsessions

by gigi on January 27, 2008

Jenkins and I continued our search for the perfect cake by visiting Sweet Obsessions bakery in the Arbutus area.   I’ve had desserts from Sweet Obsessions a few times now and have always enjoyed them.  We booked our consultation a couple of weeks in advance, and I, for one, had been looking forward to this since […]


Review: Four Seasons Hot Pot

by gigi on January 24, 2008

It was my grandpa’s birthday the other day and we all congregated for dinner at Four Seasons Hot Pot in Aberdeen Centre. My uncle ordered a set menu for us so we had the traditional 10-course Chinese feast. I didn’t think to take out my camera until the end so I was unable to take […]


Review: Ogenki Sushi Update

by gigi on January 23, 2008

Jenkins and I stopped by at Ogenki Sushi for dinner one day.  I blogged about Ogenki in one of my first Ho Yummy posts and it is one of Jenkins’ and my favourite places for sushi in Vancouver.  We saw that they had a slight menu change since the last time we were there and […]


Review: King Yo

by gigi on January 21, 2008

Derek has been urging me to go visit King Yo, a new izakaya restaurant that has popped up on Denman St.  According to him, it was recently rated as one of the top Canadian restaurants for 2007 in a food magazine.  To tell you the truth, I rarely venture to Denman St because it’s always […]