Los Angeles: El Pollo Loco

by gigi on December 12, 2007

NTR, UK, and I were out late shopping during the weekend and stopped by for what they promised would be great Mexican-style grilled chicken at El Pollo Loco. I was told that it was like Nando’s Chicken here in Canada but even better. Although the sign on the restaurant door said they closed at 9pm and it was only 8:30pm, we were told by the workers inside that it was already closed! After some cajoling, we convinced them to open up the drive thru for us so we could order some chicken. :)

el pollo loco

We’re still not too sure why but even though we ordered the 7 piece special for $7.99, we got 14 pieces of breast meat and wings! :) There were just the three of us so this was more than enough. Even though the drive from here back to NTR and UK’s house was quite short, the smell of the chicken in the car was making me really hungry.

el pollo loco

NTR asked for extra salsa and I think they really delivered, don’t you? :)

el pollo loco

Before we bought the chicken, we also picked up some whole wheat tortillas from Trader Joe’s.

el pollo loco

NTR and UK told me that it is best eaten by creating a wrap with the tortilla, some salsa, and shredded chicken. This was a really simple yet great tasting dinner. The chicken was very aromatic and had a nice grilled and savoury flavour. The salsa also had a great tomato flavour and provided a nice zing to the chicken.

el pollo loco

Let’s just say that we had so much chicken, we had enough for the three of us for breakfast the next morning. It tasted just as good the day after as it did the night before. :) What is even more amazing that we got all this food for $8.50 after taxes! I’m not sure if El Pollo Loco is limited to just southern California, but this is another good place to try. There seem to be several chains scattered throughout the Los Angeles area.

8245 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd, Anaheim, CA
Tel: (714) 921-4633

Food: [rating:4]
Service: n/a
Price: $

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