Review: L&G Bubble Tea

by gigi on November 20, 2007

Samantha, Lucy, and I met up for bubble tea at L&G Bubble Tea after dinner one day. It is one of the many bubble tea houses in Vancouver and is located at the corner of Granville and W. 41st Ave (5701 W 41st Ave). After Dragonball Tea House, this is one of my favourite bubble tea joints in Vancouver.

L&G offers up a large array of bubble tea options that are sure to suit anyone’s tastes. :) After you settle on the type of drink you want, you also get to choose if you want milk or no milk, slush or no slush, and the type of pearls you want. Of course, pearls refer to the regular brown tapioca pearls but you can also have coconut jelly, grass jelly, and a bunch of others that I can’t remember. Most of the time, I choose half pearls and half coconut jelly…just because I can never make up my mind. :)

This time, I had a lychee green tea with no milk and half pearls/half coconut jelly. The reason I like the lychee tea here is because they always add chunks of lychee to the drink, which is a nice touch.

l&g bubble tea

Samantha had strawberry slush with no milk and half pearls/half coconut jelly. This is one of her favourites and it was quite tasty. Lucy opted for something new and chose the jackfruit slush…also with half pearls/half coconut jelly. It was a bit on the sweet side though.

All of our teas cost $3.50 each. Considering that both Lucy and Samantha chose fresh fruit, the prices were quite reasonable. The coconut jelly and pearls are actually quite filling so I normally opt for a plain drink unless I am feeling hungry.

5701 Granville Street, Vancouver (but it’s actually on 41st Ave)
Tel: 604-269-3682

Food: [rating:3.5]
Service: n/a
Price: $

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