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by gigi on November 5, 2007

I am in the process of furnishing my kitchen these days and decided to check out some restaurant supply stores, based on a suggestion from Jenkins. One of the ones I went to check out was Genesis Food Equipment at 1990 Powell St in Vancouver. Most restaurant supply stores in Vancouver are not open to the public but this and a handful of others are…you just need to call around. :)

I found mixing bowls for $3-6. They come in all sizes and are like the ones you see in the professional kitchens on Food TV.

restaurant supply stores

There is also a pretty good selection of professional pots and pans. They may not be finished as nicely as the ones in the Bay or Cookworks but I’m sure they are well made.

restaurant supply stores

The supply of glassware is not very large and I found the prices to be comparable to what is available in most retail stores. They also have a small selection of china and higher end glass and stemware. However, I preferred the styles available in retail stores over what was available here.
restaurant supply stores

There is also a large selection of squeeze bottles. I hear that this is popular for people who like to do fancy plating at home and and use it for sauces, oils, and other things. I don’t recall the prices for this but I think they were quite reasonable.

restaurant supply stores

They also have a fairly large selection of restaurant-grade knives, including Henckles and Victorinox. The prices for these knives are on par with stores like Ming Wo. I will probably come back here to pick up some smaller items like spatulas, mixing bowls, and rolling pins but it definitely wasn’t a replacement for a regular retail cookwares store.

Do you have any recommendations for restaurant supply stores you like to go and what type of things you normally buy?

1990 Powell St, Vancouver
Tel: 604-215-1990

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