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by gigi on September 19, 2007

Pick and I took Grick out for dinner last week for his birthday. Since I was going for dinner with two guys, what better place to go to than Memphis Blues BBQ House? Although the Memphis Blues restaurants have been in Vancouver for a while, I have never been here previously. It was time to see what was in store for us. :) We went to the one at Granville & Broadway.

memphis blues bbq house

We decided on the Memphis Feast, which is supposed to serve a group of three. I had to put my foot down and prevent Grick from ordering the Elvis Platter, which is supposed to be for six people. :p The Memphis Feast has a good sampling of all the meats offered at Memphis Blues: pulled pork, beef brisket, pork ribs, rib ends, Cornish game hen, and smoked sausage. As if that wasn’t enough already, it also comes with cornbread, coleslaw, bbq beans, potato salad, and fries. Oh, and I forgot to mention that you also get a big bowl of bbq sauce to dip everything in. :)

memphis blues bbq house

My favourite meat items in the platter were the pulled pork, beef brisket, and rib ends. The pulled pork was smoky and soft…kind of like pork floss that you can get in Asian grocery stores. :) The beef brisket was also very tasty. It fell apart when you poked it with your fork and all the fat had been cooked away but it wasn’t dry at all. The rib ends did not seem to have as much fat as the regular pork ribs but still had the same great taste.

All this meat also went great with the cornbread and fries. I wish the platter came with more cornbread than fries though. At least it gave the semblance of being healthy. :) Other than that, I was not too impressed with the other non-meat items.

In all, Memphis Blues is a great place to go with a small group of friends (i.e. 4 people or less). Because the restaurant space is quite small, it would be quite difficult to fit too many people around the small booths and tables. You order your food at the counter and it gets brought to your table quite quickly. The servers were also very friendly and the restaurant as a whole had a laid back and casual atmosphere. Our meal for 3 cost $39 before tips and tax. Not bad for an extremely filling dinner!

1465 W. Broadway, Vancouver
Tel: 604-738-6806

Food: [rating:3.5]
Service: [rating:3]
Price: $

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