Review: Passion Tea Lemonade

by gigi on September 18, 2007

I made a Starbucks run with John one afternoon. As has been my usual custom all summer, I ordered blueberry white tea lemonade. Unfortunately, the barista informed me that they were all out! Apparently, it was a seasonal summer drink and will not be available for ordering anymore. :(

With this piece of news in mind, I had to think back to what I used to order before the blueberry white tea lemonade came along. I finally settled on the passion tea lemonade. As is my custom with most sweetened icy drinks at Starbucks, I asked for half-sweet and light ice.


I used to really like the passion tea lemonade…but this time, I found it to be too tangy. I don’t know if this is because I had grown so attached to the blueberry lemonade over the summer or if it had to do with this particular cup. :) I’ll probably give it one more try before knocking it off my list of favourite Starbucks drinks for good.

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Food: [rating:2]
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