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by gigi on September 17, 2007

Jenkins, Samantha, Lucy, and I went to the ShaShuka Art Gallery and Eatery for dinner one day. Victoria had told me a couple of months ago that this was an interesting restaurant right at 49th and Fraser (6555 Fraser St) with an art gallery incorporated into it, no less. The restaurant itself is separated into two sections: a restaurant eating area and a coffee and gelato counter. Throughout the restaurant is different pieces of art, including jewelery and paintings by local artists that are for sale.

One thing I have to say about this place is that it is great volume for the amount of food you get. Most entrees are $10-16 and come with fries or a fried potato cutlet, vegetable skewer, soup, and salad. How can you beat that?

ShaShuka has an extensive selection of salads and dips that you can choose to go with most entrees. Not only that, you also get to go to the deli counter to look at their selection and sample everything before deciding what you want with your meal.

shashuka art gallery and eatery

Our soups and salads were the first to arrive. We all decided to go with the vegetable chowder. It was slightly spicy and warmed you right up. Samantha, Lucy, and I also went with the server’s recommendation of the eggplant and tomato salad. This came with some pita slices to go with the salad. It was more of a spread than a salad…but the eggplant was grilled and very tasty. The tomato added a hint of sweetness and balanced out the eggplant nicely.

shashuka art gallery and eatery

Jenkins decided on another eggplant spread…the babaganoush. You could really taste the eggplant in this spread. The yogurt added a hint of tangyness. Our only criticism for both the babaganoush and the other eggplant spread was that it would have been nice to have more pita slices.

shashuka art gallery and eatery

I was trying to be healthy…so I ordered the grilled veggie in filo bundles for my entree. The bundles came served on a deep fried potato cutlet a portabello mushroom with more grilled veggies. The filo was light and crispy…but the grilled veggies inside the bundles were mostly carrots and celery. The grilled veggie skewer was tasty though…and so was the potato cutlet. Even though the cutlet was deep fried, it was light and crispy and did not taste heavy at all.

shashuka art gallery and eatery

Jenkins ordered the grilled salmon, which he found the salmon to be a bit on the dry side. This cost $16.

shashuka art gallery and eatery

Lucy ordered the grilled chicken breast with cheese. This was served with a creamy sauce that Lucy felt was a bit too heavy…especially with the cheese.

shashuka art gallery and eatery

Samantha decided on the Turkish beef kabob. One skewer was $10 and two were $13. It also came with small dollops of tahini and hummus. The kabob also had toasted walnuts, which was an interesting twist.

shashuka art gallery and eatery

After we finished our entrees, we decided we had to try out the gelato. I had the pistachio flavour, which is one of my favourite gelato flavours. The taste was good but I found the overall texture to be a bit too creamy for gelato. Jenkins picked hazlenut, which he enjoyed very much. Lucy went for the blood orange flavour, which had a good initial taste…but the tangyness started to get to her after a while. :) And finally, Samantha picked the cookies and cream. Overall, the taste of this was quite good…but half way through, she discovered a huge chunk of paper towel in her gelato! We still have no idea how this got there…and even the waitress said they did not carry that kind of paper towel in the restaurant. Go figure.

shashuka art gallery and eatery

Overall, ShaShuka art gallery was not bad. It was an interesting concept to have an art gallery with a neighborhood bistro. The soups and salads were top notch but the entrees could all use some work. The large selection of sides and entrees on the menu can leave you a bit overwelmed though…but the server was nice enough to point us in the right direction. The gelato was also quite good …with the exception of the mysterious paper towel, but our server took that off our bill. I would definitely come here again for the gelato and salads but will probably wait a bit before trying the main dinner courses again.

6555 Fraser St, Vancouver
Tel: 604-677-8204

Food: [rating:3]
Service: [rating:3]
Price: $

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