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by gigi on September 6, 2007

NTF and UJ were in town from Calgary this week so that always means lots of eating out. :) We were originally going to take her to a vegetarian place in Richmond…but that was closed for the day so we went to Top Shanghai Cuisine Restaurant instead. The name in English is pretty odd sounding…but in Chinese, it doesn’t make much more sense. :) In any case, it is a “ho yummy” restaurant that specializes in Shanghainese cuisine at 8100 Ackroyd Rd in Richmond (near the Save-On-Foods).

top shanghai cuisine restaurant

We started off with a cold chicken dish. The chicken was very moist and juicy and also came with a soy sauce and scallion dip. I enjoyed dunking my whole chicken piece in the sauce.

top shanghai cuisine restaurant

Next, we had the “dong boa yook”. I have no idea what this is called in English but it is fatty pork belly braised in a special sauce and is one of my favourite dishes to order at any Shanghainese restaurant. This is excellent with some Chinese buns. The pork was very tender and the fatty skin on top tasted like very delicious jell-o. :)

top shanghai cuisine restaurant

We also had some bean curd stir fried with edamame beans. Nothing too exciting here but it was very healthy compared to the fatty pork we just ate. :)

top shanghai cuisine restaurant

The soup tasted like hot and sour soup but also had chunks of fish and tended more towards the sour side as opposed to being hot and spicy.

top shanghai cuisine restaurant

Next, we had “woa bah” which was deep fried rice patties…

top shanghai cuisine restaurant,

…and a soupy sauce of mushrooms, bamboo shoots, shrimp, and squid.

top shanghai cuisine restaurant

Because the rice patties are freshly deep fried, they are very hot…so when you pour the soupy sauce on top, it is supposed to sizzle and crackle…kind of like Chinese-style rice krispies. :) But this time, the patties were not hot enough so we did not get too much snap, crackle, and pop. I found this dish to be lacking in flavour compared to the “woa bah” that I’ve had at other restaurants.

top shanghai cuisine restaurant

We also had a sweet and sour tofu and pork dish. The tofu absorbed a lot of the sauce and tasted great.

top shanghai cuisine restaurant

The jalapeƱo and garlic deep fried pork chop was very tasty, albeit a bit on the salty side.

top shanghai cuisine restaurant

The special house fried noodles were very good. It is different from the house noodles in most other Chinese restaurant and came with mushrooms, veggies, pork, chicken, shrimp, squid, and a fried egg on top. The noodles were also different from the regular egg noodles found in most places. It was an interesting twist on a Chinese restaurant staple but was still very tasty.

top shanghai cuisine restaurant

The shrimp came on a sizzling hot plate but the shrimp themselves were not as crunchy as I expected.

top shanghai cuisine restaurant

We finished our meal with some steamed Shanghai soup dumplings. The dumplings were one of the highlights of the meal and it was all we could do to resist biting into one before waiting for them to cool. :)
top shanghai cuisine restaurant

It is always super busy here so your best bet is to either come early (i.e. around 6pm for dinner) or make reservations. Because it is always so busy, it can be hard to flag down a server if you want to order or just need something in general. The tables are also packed very tightly together, which can create an uncomfortable eating experience.

120-8100 Ackroyd Rd, Richmond
Tel: 604-278-8798

Food: [rating:3.5] (although the fatty pork gets a 5/5 :) )
Service: [rating:1.5]
Price: $$
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