Review: Imperial Big Noodle Instant Noodles

by gigi on August 26, 2007

Connie introduced me to a new brand of instant noodles today. How new it is exactly, I’m not sure…but I’ve never heard of this until a few days ago. On the package, it looks like a regular package of instant noodles in a bowl…but if you read the label carefully, you see that it has real beef in it! Real beef…I was curious as to how this was pulled off.

instant noodles

For some reason, I thought the beef would be freeze dried so I was a bit doubtful as to its taste. However, upon opening the package, I found that the beef was actually in a foil package.

instant noodles

The instructions on the package recommend you to put all the condiments, except for the beef, in the bowl and then fill with boiling water. Then you cover the bowl for 3 minutes and while the noodles are being cooked, you put the foil packet with the beef on top so that it gets heated by the water.

I didn’t read the instructions carefully so I just opened the packet with the beef and poured everything in. In the end, I think this is better because the beef may not be completely heated if you just throw it on top of the bowl and wait for the steam to heat everything up.

instant noodle

The noodles tasted the great…as did the chunks of beef! As most instant noodles usually are, it was a bit on the salty side, but it was ok. The beef chunks also tasted fine although I wish there was more.

I ate this for lunch today but in the future, I would probably bring an egg and veggies to throw in with the noodles to make the meal more substantial. Connie bought this from the Candyland store in Yaohan Centre in Richmond. I’ll have to check it out the next time I’m there. It’s a great staple for my cupboard at work for those days when I don’t have lunch.

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