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by gigi on August 6, 2007

Tricia and I went to Metro restaurant the other day. This is a new restaurant that highlights the multicultural spread of foods available in Canada. It is located at 200 Burrard Street by the waterfront and has the same owners as Rare.

For our appetizers, we decided to share the tomato & mozzarella salad and the truffle parmesan pomme frites. We weren’t sure if the truffle taste would come out in the pomme frites but they turned out to be very tasty and you could really smell and taste the truffle oil. The pomme frites were a combination of potato and yam fries. It also came with a house made sundried tomato ketchup.

metro pomme frites

The salad was made with heirloom tomatos and pearl-sized mozzarella balls. It was dressed with some avocado dressing and balsamic molasses. Heirloom tomatoes are the original non-genetically modified tomatoes and are supposed to taste much better than the regular tomatoes you or I normally buy. To tell you the truth though, I couldn’t really taste a difference. :)
metro tomato salad

Main course entrees are metro are presented in an interesting way. You order your dish by the ounce. For example, I ordered the duck, which was $3.41/ounce and I ordered four ounces. Although we were not used to this, I think this is a great way to order food. We ordered slightly smaller servings (four ounces each) since we knew we would want to eat dessert. :)

The duck that I ordered came with an orange pomme mash and glazed walnuts. The hint of orange in the pomme mash was very tasty and different from what I had had before. My only issue with the duck was that there was a chewy tendon that ran through it.
metro duck

Tricia had the sablefish served with a smoked oyster mushroom risotto, apple chips, and a brandy glaze. The sablefish was moist and went great with the brandy glaze, which had a hint of sweetness.

metro sablefish

For dessert, we decided to share the sampler, which gave you a choice of three items from their dessert menu for $15. We settled on the Chocolate Canadian Maple ‘Moose’ torte, Pistachio Dacquoise, and baked cheesecake mousse.

The cheesecake mousse came with an apple puree and a walnut cookie. While most cheesecakes are rich and dense, this was very light and creamy. Definitely different from most cheesecakes I have eaten and very good.

metro cheesecake mousse

Chocolate is always a favourite for me and the chocolate torte no exception. Similar to the cheesecake mousse, this was also quite light and creamy with a strong chocolate taste throughout. The tangy raspberry pate contrasted well with the chocolate.

metro chocolate mousse

The pistachio dacquoise came with a lemon curd and a dab of buttermilk ice cream. I didn’t know what a dacquoise was but I like pistachios, lemons, and ice cream so I figured it was a safe bet. :) I couldn’t really taste the buttermilk in the ice cream, but it was a nice combo with the dacquoise, which was crunchy and crumbly at the same time.

metro pistachio dacquoise

200 Burrard St, Vancouver
Tel: 604-662-3463

Food: [rating:3.5]
Service: [rating:3]
Price: $$$

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