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by gigi on August 5, 2007

Samantha and I went to the Banana Leaf on W. Broadway last week. It was the first of what is now 3 Banana Leafs in Vancouver. It is Samantha and my favourite place to meet and catchup over dinner and is always packed. We went on a Wednesday night and we still had to wait for half an hour to be seated!

banana leaf

We started with some lamb and chicken satay skewers to share. This came with a yummy peanut sauce that we couldn’t get enough of. The satays themselves were nice and tender and had a nice grilled taste to them.

banana leaf satays

We also started with some roti canai. Roti are light pan fried flatbread that come with a side of curry sauce to dip. The bread has a slightly sweet taste to it and the outside layers are nice and crunchy.

banana leaf roti

For our main meal, we decided to share two dishes: sambal green beans with chicken and black cod with a caramelized ginger soy sauce. First, the sambal green beans. This is one of our favourite dishes…you can’t go wrong with the sambal sauce here! You can put it on almost anything and it will instantly make it taste good. :) I found some of the beans to be a bit old this time around though.

banana leaf sambal green beans

This was the first time we tried the black cod with the caramelized ginger sauce. This dish was also very tasty but a bit on the oily side. It tasted very similar to the Chinese-style steamed black cod with soy sauce, chives, and ginger.

banana leaf cod

And of course, you must pair these tasty saucy dishes with some rice. We had the Hainanese chicken rice…another staple for us.

banana leaf rice

Altogether, it was another successful and enjoyable meal at Banana Leaf. Perhaps they were not prepared for such a busy night on a Wednesday, but the service was not as good as it normally is. However, the food is just as tasty and was more than enough to make up for the occasional lapses in service.

820 W. Broadway, Vancouver
Tel: 604-731-6333

Food: [rating:4]
Service: [rating:2.5]
Price: $$ and a half

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