Review: All-You-Can-Eat at Kingsway Sushi

by gigi on August 3, 2007

A new sushi restaurant opened near my work last Thursday. Kingsway Sushi is an all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant located at the corner of Boundary and Kingsway on the Vancouver side of the street. If you decide to eat in, it looks like the only thing available is the all-you-can-eat. They offer two menu options, an $8.95 “best value” menu and a $10.95 “deluxe lunch” menu. The main difference between the two is that the $10.95 option has nigiri sushi and some additional seafood items like deep fried shrimp balls and oyster motoyaki.

There were five of us at lunch so we were able to get a good selection of items. We ordered some assorted rolls, including California rolls, Dynamite rolls, and Alaska rolls.

kingsway sushi

The edamame looked like it was pre-made and then refrigerated. The serving was also smaller than I expected but since this was all-you-can-eat, it was ok. :)

kingsway sushi

We also had teriyaki chicken. The portion was small..which is perfect for all-you-can-eat and crispy on the outside.

kingsway sushi

We also ordered gyoza and seafood fried rice. The gyoza was good but the skins of the gyoza were sticking to one another and fell apart a bit when we picked them up.

kingsway sushi

There are three kinds of nigiri sushi you can order for lunch: salmon, tuna, and saba (mackerel). My favourite of these three was the saba.

kingsway sushi

The oyster motoyaki was quite good. As usual, it was quite rich so it was hard to eat more than two at lunch. :)

kingsway sushi

The salmon belly was a bit dry but because it was so fatty, it still tasted ok.

kingsway sushi

We also tried the stuffed egg plant. Basically, this was eggplant tempura with some fish cake inside. This was something new for me and tasted quite good.

kingsway sushi

Some other things that we tried included the deep fried shrimp balls and the mango pudding. There was nothing special about the shrimp balls but they were very tasty nonetheless. :) The mango pudding had a great mango flavour and was very creamy.

This place just opened recently. In fact, we went on the day of its grand opening! The food itself is good for an all-you-can-eat, but it would have been nice if there was more variety. You also have to tell your server what you want to order…but I prefer filling out my own order sheet, like the set-up at Tomakazu. This place is a nice new addition to the area.

110-3665 Kingsway, Vancouver
Tel: 604-433-6388

Food: [rating: 3]
Service: [rating: 3.5]
Price: $

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