The Secret Recipe to the White Spot Triple-O Sauce

by jenkins on July 30, 2007

Well, we don’t exactly have the secret White Spot Triple-O sauce recipe – but there are many theories about what makes that absolutely legendary taste. We’ve scoured the Internet, talked with theorists, and got information from informants and believe we have some good theories of what it is made of.

White Spot Burger

In case you don’t know what we’re talking about, White Spot is a line of restaurants on the west coast of Canada and makes some of the best burgers in in the region. Their signature “Triple-O” sauce and toasted buns is what distinguishes itself from the run-of-the-mill burger you get elsewhere.

It’s been speculated (not confirmed) that the sauce was actually developed at the University of British Columbia’s Food Sciences lab and was commissioned by White Spot.

These days, if you ask for extra Triple-O sauce (yes! you can!) at White Spot, you’ll notice that you get little cup that has a white sauce and a red sauce on top. Let’s get right down to the theories. Let’s talk about the white sauce first and then the red sauce.

Theories for the white sauce:

  1. Mayo (Homemade, traditional style)
  2. Mayo with Honey and some paprika
  3. Sweet Mayo with cayenne pepper
  4. Mayo with some onion powder and cayenne pepper
  5. Mayo with melted butter
  6. Mayo with Orange Juice -hence Triple O? (probably not since Triple O meant triple the sauce)

Theories for the red sauce:
It seems like most people are in agreement that the red sauce is nothing other than:

Red Relish (also known as Hamburger relish) – eg. Bicks brand

So there you have it – the maybe-secret-recipe to the White Spot Triple-O Sauce. We’ll be trying some of these theories out ourselves at the next BBQ and will be reporting back to you soon. Please leave us a comment if you have other theories or insights!

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