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It was my grandma’s big 80th birthday back in June and we celebrated it the way our family knows best: a big Chinese dinner at Fisherman’s Terrace in Aberdeen Centre.    My aunt pre-ordered a banquet menu for us so all we needed to do was pretty much show up and chow down. First came […]

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Los Angeles: SW Seafood & BBQ

by gigi on December 16, 2007

It was our last day in LA and although we initially planned to make a repeat visit to Taiko, we decided on Chinese food instead. NTR, UK, and I headed over to S.W. Seafood & BBQ in Irvine for a late lunch. Incidentally, it happens to be located in the plaza across the street from […]


Review: Prince Chinese Seafood Restaurant

by gigi on September 9, 2007

It was my grandma’s birthday last week so we all headed to the Prince Chinese Seafood Restaurant at the corner of Grandview Highway & Rupert St to celebrate (2881 Grandview Highway to be exact). I had been here a couple of times already and the food has always been pretty good. We decided to go […]


Review: Congee Noodle King

by gigi on July 2, 2007

I went to Congee Noodle King the other day, which is located at corner of Kingsway & Joyce. I believe it is somehow related to Congee Noodle House (located at E. Broadway and Main) because the signs and menus look almost exactly the same. The food served here is what I like to call basic […]