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Review: Pho Thai Hoa (Collingwood)

by gigi on February 22, 2012

I happened to be working out of our Burnaby office one day and was able to meet up with Christina and Mabel for lunch. It happened to be a nice day so we took advantage of the opportunity to stroll over to the new location of Pho Thai Hoa at a little strip mall close […]


Vancouver Foodie Cart Tour

by gigi on July 25, 2011

Jenkins and I were invited on Saturday to preview the latest offering from Vancouver’s Foodie Tour: food carts. I had gone to one of Michelle’s tours last year along Granville Street and quite enjoyed it so I didn’t see why this time would be any different. I thought this would be a great opportunity to […]


Review: Le Do

by gigi on October 3, 2010

Jenkins and I were driving down Hastings Street on a mission one afternoon. After having been on my list of places to check out, I was determined to finally pay a visit to Le Do for some Vietnamese food. After hearing about it from quite a few people, I really wanted to give it a […]


Review: Viet Sub

by gigi on March 2, 2010

There are several places that are my go-to lunch or dinner places whenever I’m looking for a stand by or am in a rush and since I go to them so often, it doesn’t even occur to me to blog about it. One such place is Viet Sub, which opened last summer on Robson Street […]


Review: Phnom Penh

by gigi on February 11, 2010

Phnom Penh has been on my list of places to check out for the longest time but I never went due to my aversion to waiting in lines. Every time I walk by Phnom Penh, even if it’s at 2 in the afternoon, there is a crowd of people waiting outside! Finally, I decided to […]


Review: Joyeaux Cafe & Restaurant

by gigi on February 8, 2010

I needed to buy lunch one weekday and luckily for me, both Craig and Edith were in the same boat. Since it was a cold and rainy day, we decided to go for pho and Edith mentioned that she found a pretty good place downtown called Joyeux Cafe and we wouldn’t have to walk very […]

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