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Beijing: Military Hospital Restaurant

by gigi on May 11, 2008

On our last evening in Beijing, we went to a restaurant right across the street from a military hospital.  I didn’t see too many people in uniform eating here though.  Instead of the regular tea we were accustomed to in most restaurants, we were served some chrysanthemum tea.  It was very flavourful, probably due to […]

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Before I went to China, my hair stylist recommended that I check out a chain of restaurants called “Dong Bei Ren”.  Translated literally, this meant “North East People”.  My hair stylist said he ate at this place every day when he went to China and its food was very different from what was available here […]

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Beijing: Peking Duck

by gigi on April 30, 2008

Of course, when you are in Beijing, you have got to try the Peking Duck.  Having grown up in Vancouver, I was used to the Hong Kong/Cantonese version of this dish but the Beijing version is actually slightly different.  It was originally served to the emperor several hundred years ago and is considered by some […]


Beijing: Golden Harvest

by gigi on April 27, 2008

We arrived in Beijing late in the evening because our flight on Eastern China Airlines was delayed by over two hours. Even though we had originally planned to see a bunch of sites, including the Temple of Heaven, all we had time for was dinner. Golden Harvest is a Szechuan-style restaurant located just outside the […]