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Review: Lin’s Chinese Cuisine

by gigi on April 12, 2010

Jenkins and I were in the mood for Taiwanese food one day when I remembered that I had been meaning to try Lin’s Chinese Cuisine for a while. Although it appeared to feature an eclectic mix of Chinese food from several different regions, its claim to fame were its xiao long bao. We arrived on […]


Jiangmen: Hotel Jinbao Street Eats

by gigi on May 26, 2008

In our Jiangmen hotel, there was an “eating street” right on the second level of the hotel. Basically, it was a large restaurant but organized into several different storefronts that offered food from all the different regions of China. You can visit as many stalls as you want and everything is tabulated onto one bill. […]


Jiangmen: Jinbao Hotel Dinner

by gigi on May 21, 2008

We finally made it to Jiangmen, which is a medium-sized city about two hours by car away from Guangzhou in southern China. I had several relatives in Jiangmen, most of whom I’ve never met before so this part of the trip was pretty exciting for me and my family. There was a nice restaurant in […]


Shanghai: Street Food

by gigi on May 20, 2008

So first of all, sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been maligned the past week with the flu. And now back to our regularly scheduled programming… While we were in Zhujiajiao, we stopped by one of the street stalls that sold candy. My brother and I split some sticky candy that came on a […]


Shanghai: Zhujiajiao Water Town

by gigi on May 12, 2008

While we were in Shanghai, we had the opportunity to spend part of a day in one of the region’s water towns. Think of Venice…but Chinese-style. It was pretty neat to visit Zhujiajiao, which is one of the closer water towns to Shanghai. After a nice gondola ride around the town, we stopped for lunch […]

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Beijing: Military Hospital Restaurant

by gigi on May 11, 2008

On our last evening in Beijing, we went to a restaurant right across the street from a military hospital.  I didn’t see too many people in uniform eating here though.  Instead of the regular tea we were accustomed to in most restaurants, we were served some chrysanthemum tea.  It was very flavourful, probably due to […]

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