Review: Pho Thai Hoa (Collingwood)

by gigi on February 22, 2012

I happened to be working out of our Burnaby office one day and was able to meet up with Christina and Mabel for lunch. It happened to be a nice day so we took advantage of the opportunity to stroll over to the new location of Pho Thai Hoa at a little strip mall close on Kingsway just west of Boundary. I had never been to Pho Thai Hoa’s original location further west on Broadway but Mabel told me that it was worthwhile to check out as they were well known for their delicious pho broth.


Pho Thai Hoa has a really extensive menu and much more than your usual offering of pho and rice plates. My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach and I toyed with the idea of ordering multiple dishes so I could try everything out. However, I decided to stick with the pho and come back for a future visit instead of trying everything at once.

I ordered a small bowl of the pho dac biet, which is my go-to pho dish mainly because it has a little of everything. I sampled the broth first and as Mabel had noted, it was very flavourful with a hint of sweetness and not too much MSG. There was also a large abundance of miscellaneous beef parts but I would have liked for there to be a couple more pieces of tendon. The noodles had a bit of a bite to them although they did get a little soggy towards the end but that was mainly due to me eating slowly.


Christina decided to go for the bun – there are many options available at Pho Thai Hoa but Christina opted for the one with spring rolls and prawns. I didn’t get a chance to sample this but Christina enjoyed it quite a bit, noting that the crunchy vegetables went really well with the noodles. The spring rolls were also fried nicely and had a good flavour to them.


Mabel had the rice rolls with pork, which I ended up trying at Pho Thai Hoa’s original location so I will blog about that at a later time. Also, I forgot to take a picture of it so you’ll just need to wait. Smile

I had a good time at Pho Thai Hoa and really enjoyed the pho there. Many times, I find the broth overly sweet which doesn’t really work well with the overall savoury profile of the broth but the mix of flavours in the broth of Pho Thai Hoa was nicely balanced. The prices are slightly higher than some of the other Vietnamese places I go to but not a lot more and their dishes are quite tasty and varied. Smile

3524 Kingsway, Vancouver
Tel: 604-568-8884

Food: [rating:3.5]
Service: [rating:2.5]
Price: $$

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