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by gigi on February 14, 2012

My team at work had a volunteering event one morning at the Vancouver Food Bank and I was in charge of picking a place for us to have lunch at afterwards. I tried to choose a location that was relatively close to the Food Bank’s sorting depot in East Vancouver and decided that it may be a good opportunity to check out Au Petit Chavignol. I wasn’t sure if they would take reservations for lunch but I called in anyway and luckily, they were able to accomodate our group of about 8 people.


I had worked up a pretty good appetite from a morning of food sorting and took some time deliberating between the Mr. Crunch sandwich and the cheeseburger. In the end, I decided on the cheeseburger because I thought that would be a little more filling. It turned out to be a pretty popular option as many other people in our group ended up ordering the cheeseburger as well. I had my choice of cheese and decided on the 3 year raw milk cheddar. The cheese had a really strong flavour that lent itself well to the burger and I think it worked out well that I did not add any additional toppings. In fact, I found it a little difficult to pick out the flavour of the secret sauce because the cheese was quite strong but I didn’t mind that. I found the patty to be a little thin and I think that ended up making things a little drier than I would have liked.


I could have chosen fries for my side but decided to balance the relative unhealthiness of my burger with a green salad. The arugula salad came lightly tossed with a lemony vinaigrette sauce the overwhelming flavour in this salad came from the peppery arugula and radishes. I really liked how the pepperiness cut through the richness of the burger though and thought it ended up being a really good choice of side.


Although I initially thought my burger looked a little small, this turned out to be  a good portion size for lunch and I was pretty full once I had finished my burger and salad. However, I was pretty tempted by the dessert options and it wasn’t difficult to convince the rest of my table to share the petite chocolate cookies for dessert. We all thoroughly enjoyed the warm chocolate cookies which were moist, chewy, and extremely chocolaty. I remarked that this would have gone great with a glass of milk.


I really enjoyed our lunch at Au Petit Chavignol and definitely want to come back one day, especially to try out their cheese and charcuterie options. As you may already know, it is right next to Les Amis Fromage on East Hastings so that is a good place to pick up some of the cheesy goodies you try out at the restaurant. I also hear that Les Amis Fromage sells a pretty good bacon jam and I think that’s as much of a reason as any to make another visit out to the area. Smile

843 East Hastings Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-255-4218

Food: [rating:3.5]
Service: [rating:3.5]
Price: $$

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