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by gigi on February 10, 2012

I had been a while since I last met up with Miguel so we organized a dinner one evening and joining us were Cedric, Louis, and Dustin. It was more convenient for the majority of us if we met downtown and since I was tired of being the designated restaurant chooser, I left the decision up to the others. We ended up meeting at Cafe Luxy, which is on Davie Street close to the Shopper’s Drug Mart. For some reason, I had never noticed it so I was looking forward to checking it out.


Cedric had described Cafe Luxy as a downtown version of Anton’s so with my expectations adjusted accordingly, I checked out the menu. Smile We all ordered pastas, which also came with garlic bread. It was pretty standard tasting but there was a nice amount of butter although a little more garlic may have been good. I had wanted to eat a part of my garlic bread with my pasta but it took forever for our pastas to come out so I gave up.


The pastas also came with a Caesar salad but I wanted to be a little healthier that day and asked if they had a regular green salad instead. My green salad came with some balsamic dressing and as you can see below, it was fairly lacklustre. The carrots seemed to be shaved with a vegetable peeler and the tomato was a little sad looking. The balsamic dressing was also a little acidic for my taste but I like for my balsamic dressing to have a little more oil to balance the flavours out.


As I mentioned earlier, it took a really long time for our food to come out and I’m not sure if they were understaffed that evening or if it was typical. Cedric noted that the kitchen staff seemed to be different from the regular crew that he normally encountered so I’m not sure if that was why the food took so long to come out. Cafe Luxy has an extensive pasta-centric menu and after some deliberation, I decided to have the linguine con chorizo, which came with bell peppers, baby corn, and chorizo in a spicy tomato cream sauce. The flavours turned out to be a little odd and I didn’t feel that the baby corn went very well with the chorizo and there were a little too much bell peppers. The tomato cream sauce wasn’t bad but it wasn’t spicy at all and I felt that the pasta was a little overcooked.


If you are just looking for a large quantity of pasta at fairly reasonable prices, I would say that Cafe Luxy is a good option for you. It’s definitely not the place to have authentic or dare I say even well-made pasta. The pasta isn’t bad but just not the type of pasta that I normally like to eat and I think it’s intended to appeal to a certain part of the population. From a value perspective, it isn’t bad though as the portion sizes are definitely generous and I had enough pasta for lunch the next day as well. If you are an Anton’s fan and are looking for a similar option in downtown, check out Cafe Luxy.

1235 Davie Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-669-5899

Food: [rating:2]
Service: [rating:2]
Price: $$

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