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by gigi on January 6, 2012

A few years back, Jenkins and I went to Sushi Maro for dinner one day. I think it may have even been before this blog was created so it was quite a while ago. :) In any case, the food was terrible and service was a little suspect so we never ventured back. Recently though, a co-worker mentioned to me that he often gets takeout from Sushi Maro for his family and Jenkins heard a lot of good things as well so we decided to give it another shot. One thing we did notice upon entering was that the decor had changed so it’s possible that there was some type of ownership or kitchen change as well.

Sushi Maro

We weren’t overly hungry that day so we decided to share only a couple of items. We started with the sushi pizza, which is also one of our favourites from Sushiyama so we thought it would be fun to do a little comparison. It took a while to come out but I think it was worth the wait. The deep fried sushi rice on the bottom maintained a nice crispy exterior and a chewy interior. I thought it was a little difficult to eat since the pieces of tuna and salmon were cut into chunks, which fell off as I bit into each “slice”. That being said, I thought the sushi pizza was quite good, with the creamy avocado and sashimi slices being quite fresh and contrasting nicely with the crispy pizza base.

Sushi Maro

The Maro combo also sounded interesting so we decided to give that a try. It consisted of a dynamite roll, spider roll, California roll, and a salmon roll.

Sushi Maro

Nothing too spectacular about the Dynamite roll but I thought it was pretty tasty. The rice was nicely seasoned and the prawn tempura was not over-battered. There was also a good rice to filling ratio. :) The spider roll was also pretty tasty and pretty solid. Similar to the prawn tempura in the dynamite roll, the soft-shell crab was not over-battered and there was also a good amount of crab in there. My only (minor) complaint was that the crab was probably put into the roll immediately after coming out of the fryer so the entire roll was a little too warm for my liking.

Sushi Maro

The California rolls were pretty standard but the sesame seeds were nicely toasted, which gave the rolls a hint of a nutty flavour. Sushi Maro uses only wild salmon so the salmon rolls here had a great flavour that is lacking in the salmon rolls made at other places using farmed salmon.

Sushi Maro

Jenkins and I thought our meal at Sushi Maro was pretty solid. The sushi pizza was tasty and their rolls were well-executed and made with fresh ingredients. Since our original visit, Jenkins and I have gone back quite a few more times for lunch and dinner so we’ve definitely become converts. :) For a reasonably priced sushi dinner in downtown, Sushi Maro is a pretty good option. I think I still like Yamoto Sushi more as a downtown option, but Sushi Maro is slightly closer for me so I go there when I don’t feel like walking too far. :)

220 Davie Street, Vancouver
Tel: 778-371-8332

Food: [rating:3.5]
Service: [rating:3]
Price: $$

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