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by gigi on December 28, 2011

Before our trip to Montreal, I canvassed a few friends who grew up there to ask them about some of their favourite places to eat. The first time Jenkins and I went to Montreal, we tried poutine at several places, including La Banquise, which was rated quite highly in many of the reviews that I had read. I mentioned this to Carl and he said that La Banquise was definitely a good poutine place but his favourite was Fameux, which was actually across the street from where he used to live.


Jenkins, Grick, Snoopy, and I ended up at Fameux for a late lunch one afternoon. I actually remembered this place from my last visit when we were in the Rue St-Denis area and I had no idea that it housed a poutine institution. Smile We perused the menu and decided to share a poutine and a pizza.

Carl told me that poutine is best enjoyed out of a takeout tin but we decided to eat in the restaurant that day. Smile We ordered his favourite, which was the bacon poutine. This was definitely the best poutine that I had tried in recent memory, if not one of the best. The fries were perfectly cooked, being crispy on the outside but still soaking up the flavourful gravy, which was not too salty. The cheese curds weren’t too melted by the gravy and still had a bit of a squeak, which contrasted with the salty and crispy bacon. We gobbled this up in record time and would have ordered a second plate if we weren’t totally stuffed already.


We probably should just just ordered two orders of the bacon poutine but we decided to opt for variety instead, and ordered a mushroom pizza for our second dish. The pizza turned out to be surprisingly good although the poutine was definitely the better dish. Smile The dough was a little thick but it was still crispy on the bottom and not too greasy. There was also an abundance of mushroom and mozzarella cheese, that worked pretty well with a pizza made in this style.


Grick still talks about the poutine we had here even though it’s been quite a few months since our trip. During our meal here, Snoopy said she had an epiphany as she didn’t see what the fuss was about when it came to poutine until she tried it at Fameux. As you can see, we really enjoyed the poutine at Fameux. Too bad we weren’t in Montreal long enough for a repeat visit.

4500 Rue St-Denis, Montreal
Tel: 514-845-8732

Food: [rating:4]
Service: [rating:3.5]
Price: $$

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