Review: Verace Pizzeria and Enoteca

by gigi on November 30, 2011

One sunny Saturday afternoon, Jenkins and I met up with Tricia and Darren for lunch at Verace Pizzeria and Enoteca. We had just been at a wedding and were looking for a bite to eat before heading off to the afternoon events. Darren suggested that we go to Verace since it was fairly close to where the wedding ceremony was. I had heard about Verace and had wanted to try it out so this seemed like a good opportunity.


Since it was lunch, we had the option of ordering one of Verace’s regular meal-sized pizzas (12”) but we also had the lunch option of ordering a slightly smaller pizza (8”) but it would come with a side salad for the same price as the regular meal-sized pizza. All four of us decided to go for the lunch option since Darren said the Caesar salad was quite tasty here.

Ever since my first trip to Italy where I was exposed to eggs on pizzas, it quickly became one of my favourite pizzas to eat. I never really found this option available in North America though so I never get to eat my pizza like this unless I’m making it at home. The barely cooked egg on my Pane Frattau pizza added a nice richness to my pizza, which came with just some tomato sauce, mozzarella and grana padano cheeses, and olive oil. The crust was not as thin as what I had at Nicli Antica but had a nice slight chew to it. I think the pizza could have really benefited from a thinner crust but I really enjoyed the toppings. As for the Caesar salad, my portion size was larger than expected but I would have liked the dressing to be slightly creamier. Darren noted that the guy making the salads was not the regular guy that was there on the weekdays, when he usually visited so that was too bad. In addition, the weekend salad guy forgot our croutons but that was quickly rectified when we pointed this out to our server.


Jenkins wanted some meat on his pizza so he decided to go for the diavola, which came with salami, capicollo roasted red onions and peppers, grana padano cheese, basil, and olive oil. He noted that the salami wasn’t very spicy and he liked how there wasn’t too much peppers as that sometimes overwhelmed the pizza. Jenkins had the same observations as I did about the crust and noted that he also preferred the one at Nicli Antica more.


The prices at Verace are pretty reasonable and I think it’s a pretty good option for pizza although not the best there is in Vancouver. That being said, they are located pretty conveniently right next to T&T so you can always time your visit with a grocery run. Smile I wouldn’t mind going back to try some of their other pizzas or sandwiches one day.

189 Keefer Place, Vancouver
Tel: 604-669-5552

Food: [rating:3.5]
Service: [rating:3]
Price: $$

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