Review: Dim Sum at Shun Feng Seafood Restaurant

by gigi on October 24, 2011

Jenkins and I met up with his family one morning for some dim sum at Shun Feng Seafood Restaurant, located in Parker Place mall in Richmond. This location has changed names a few times but I had never been here in its latest incarnation. Jenkins’ mom had seen a dim sum promotion in the newspaper for Shun Feng so she suggested that we check it out.


I’m not sure how long this deal is in effect for but if you submit your order prior to 11AM, you get the “Dim Sum Special for 4”, which is basically 4 dim sum items plus a pot of congee for $20. You don’t get to pick the congee but this is still a pretty good deal. The congee that was available that day was a pork congee with pickled snow vegetables. It was actually quite flavourful with the richness of the fatty pork cut slightly by the tang from the pickled vegetables.


We also ordered some jah lurng, which was also pretty good. The Chinese doughnut in the middle was slightly denser than what I was used to but the rice noodle wrapper had a nice buoyancy to it and was not over-steamed.


Jenkins wanted to have some steamed chicken buns. It’s one of his favourite dim sum filler items. Nothing out of the ordinary that I can really note here but it did have a nice amount of chicken filling. There was also quite a bit of ginger in the version here, which I liked.


The har gow (shrimp dumplings) were ok tastewise but I found the shrimp filling to be slightly watery. For shrimp dumplings, I don’t think this really worked from a texture perspective but there was a nice amount of shrimp flavour in general.


I don’t recall the English translation for these dumplings but they were shrimp dumplings with corn, peas, and diced carrots wrapped in a soy wrapper. I liked the unique combination of the shrimp with veggies in this dumpling but Jenkins noted that he preferred the more traditional har gow more.


You can’t really tell in the photo below but we actually thought the sui mai (pork dumplings) were  a bit on the small side. The pork to shrimp ratio was also a bit off with there being way more pork. Personally, I like a more equal ratio so I thought these sui mai were only so-so.


The phoenix claw (chicken feet) were pretty well made. They weren’t over-steamed so each foot actually retained its shape and had a lot of the sweet soy flavour infused.


We were starting to get pretty full at this point but we still had a couple of more dishes to go. We were expecting the salty fish with chicken rice to be made in a clay pot but for some reason, it came in a mini casserole dish. The salty fish and chicken was seasoned nicely had the chicken had all the great salty fish flavour infused in it but I found the rice to be too dry.


The scallop and pea shoot rice rolls were a bit flavourless and I had to supplement it with a generous amount of the soy dipping sauce. The pea shoots must also have been cooked separately because it seemed to be over-steamed in relation to the other ingredients in this dish.


We were about to call for the bill but a cart came by with fresh tofu pudding. My mom actually makes a delicious tofu pudding so I don’t usually order it when I’m out but I had a hankering for it that day. The version here is quite silky and served warm with some ginger syrup. I liked how they provided a separate bowl of ginger syrup for us so we could add as much (or as little) as we liked.


Overall, the dim sum here was pretty good. It did take quite a long time for some of the dishes to come but I suppose that is ok if you’re trying to pace yourself. For us though, we were tempted to cancel a few of our dishes because it took so long to come. Without the benefit of the dim sum special that we took advantage of though, the prices do tend to be on the higher end of the dim sum spectrum and I’m not sure if the quality of the food is consistent with their regular prices.

4380 No. 3 Road, Richmond
Tel: 604-304-6088

Food: [rating:3]
Service: [rating:2.5]
Price: $$

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