San Francisco: Brenda’s French Soul Food

by gigi on October 17, 2011

After spending the weekend in Palo Alto for a friend’s wedding, Jenkins and I found ourselves in San Francisco for one more morning before we headed back to Vancouver. I had really wanted to try out Brenda’s French Soul Food after hearing many good things about it from many people including Sherman and Kim. After a somewhat sketchy walk through the Tenderloin District in downtown San Francisco, Jenkins and I finally arrived at Brenda’s low-key restaurant front.


Since it was Monday morning, it wasn’t busy inside at all and I was glad for that since I had heard that it could get quite busy. While we examined the menu, I ordered a glass of sweet watermelon house tea. I really enjoyed this drink, it was only slightly sweet and packed full of watermelon flavour. When summer rolls around again, I think I’ll try and make this tea.


We decided to share a small plate of plain beignets along with main breakfast choice. They were freshly made with a nice slightly crispy exterior which gave way to a soft and slightly doughy interior. Sort of like a fresh doughnut, I think I should be glad that not all doughnuts taste like this or I’d definitely have a weight problem. Smile The mini doughnuts at PNE definitely have nothing on Brenda’s beignets! Since the version we ordered was plain, I spread a little bit of jam on mine to give it some additional flavour.


Jenkins and I weren’t overly hungry that morning so we just decided to share one dish, the andouille sausage and cheddar omelette. If I had known how delicious the food here would be, I would have ordered separate dishes for us but to be honest, the server portions were quite generous and this was more than enough for us. The omelette came topped with a little bit of salsa and was packed full of flavour, mainly from the sausage, cheese, and mushrooms inside. It had a slight hint of spiciness and and the hearty filling was delicious.


I chose to have a biscuit along with this dish and it was probably the best biscuit I’ve ever had. It was slightly crispy on the outside and very moist and buttery on the inside. It definitely didn’t need any butter but I couldn’t resist dabbing a little extra on my portion of the biscuit. The potato hash was also slightly spicy and had a nice crispiness to it that I quite enjoyed.


Jenkins and I had a great time at Brenda’s French Soul Food. It lived up to the hype and I’ll be making a return visit the next time I’m in San Francisco.

652 Polk Street, San Francisco
Tel: 415- 345-8100 (no reservations)

Food: [rating:5]
Service: [rating:4]
Price: $$

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