Review: Moderne Burger

by gigi on September 23, 2011

Although my go-to burger place is usually White Spot, that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a good burger from other restaurants. While the Triple-O sauce will always hold a special place in my heart, one of my other favourite burger places is Moderne Burger. I pretty much like everything from their cool diner decor to the friendly service, and of course, the delicious burgers. Jenkins and I decided to go to Moderne Burger for dinner one day as our last day of unhealthy eating before we started to try eating healthier for the fall.


I drink pretty much the same thing every time I go to Moderne Burger and that’s the Cherry Coke. I remember drinking copious amounts of Cherry Coke when I was young and although it probably wasn’t the best thing for me, I also wasn’t sure why Coke stopped making it. Smile The version here is just Coke with cherry syrup added and I actually like how they put quite a bit of ice in it because I don’t like my Coke to be too syrupy sweet.


Jenkins was feeling pretty indulgent that day as well so he ordered the chocolate milkshake. It had a great chocolatey flavour and was thick enough to be substantial but thin enough to go up the straw easily. It was basically a perfect milkshake in my mind. Smile


The portions at Moderne Burger are always more than generous so Jenkins and I ordered one burger with fries and one on its own since the amount of fries you do get is more than enough for two moderately hungry people to share. I ordered my Moderne Steak burger plain, which meant it came with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayo, and house sauce. I couldn’t taste the house sauce as much as I would have liked but I really enjoyed my burger nonetheless. The patty was basically well done but still quite juicy and the dense bun did a good job of soaking up all the yummy meat juices. The fries were also delicious, being double fried so they were crispy on the outside and just mealy enough inside. We just ate our fries with ketchup but sometimes, we also like to order extra house sauce for dipping our fries.


Jenkins ordered the wild salmon burger, which came with the same fixings as my Moderne steak burger. Jenkins really liked that he got an entire salmon fillet, rather than the minced salmon patty that some other places offer. The salmon was moist and flavourful and Jenkins remarked that he liked the salmon much more than the turkey burger he had the last time he was here.


Yet another enjoyable meal at Moderne Burger. I sometimes wish they don’t close until later but they are usually so busy that I guess they really don’t need to stay open longer than they currently do. The service is always super friendly and the food is consistently delicious. It’s definitely a place to check out if you want a taste of the 50s in the 2000s. Smile

2507 West Broadway, Vancouver
Tel: 604-739-0005

Food: [rating:4]
Service: [rating:4]
Price: $

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