Friday Finds

by gigi on September 16, 2011

Here are a couple of interesting articles I came across this week. As usual, if you have something you’d like to share on Friday Finds, please email them to me! Have a great weekend!

Interesting Pizza and Wine/Beer Pairings: I’m pretty boring in that I usually pair my pizza with water…sometimes water with lemons if I’m feeling particularly elegant that day. The only exception for me is when I’m in Italy, I’ll pair my pizza with a house red or white wine depending on the type of pizza I ordered. Amy from Cooking with Amy has some interesting wine and beer pairings here for a few different types of pizzas. What do you usually drink with your pizza?


Homemade Bacon Salt: Bacon is always a popular ingredient or food item for many people and I’ve seen a fair amount of interesting products that make use of bacon but I had never heard of bacon salt before. The instructions on Wannabe Chef are quite clear and it seems fairly easy to make so I may give this a try sometime. I would imagine it would go quite well with scrambled eggs. :)

Bacon Salt

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