Review: Cafe Nuba (The Waldorf Hotel)

by gigi on September 7, 2011

For Tricia’s birthday, Darren arranged for a surprise birthday dinner at the Nuba located in the Waldorf Hotel. I had only been to the location at Cambie and W. Hastings so I was pretty interested in checking out another one of their locations to see if it was different or more of the same. One convenient thing about this location is that there is a large, free parking lot behind the hotel.

We ended ordering our own dishes but before those came, we ordered a couple of la feast platters that everyone shared. In the menu, it’s noted as a dinner option for two people but it made a really good appetizer platter as well for a group of people.

The hummus, taboulleh, baba ghanooj and homemade pickles came on one plate. As expected, they went really well with the accompanying toasted pita triangles. I could really taste the tahini in the hummus, which I liked but I would have liked the baba ghanooj to have a stronger eggplant flavour. I ended up eating the baba ghanooj with the taboulleh, which I thought went quite well together.

2011-05-12 18-44-05 - IMG_5153

The second part of the la feast platter included the ever popular najib’s special (deep fried cauliflower), falafel, macedonian feta, avocado, marinated olives, and a vegan stew. I really liked the falafel, which was crispy on the outside and meaty on the inside. As usual, the najib’s special was delicious and the feta was creamy and flavourful.

2011-05-12 18-44-18 - IMG_5154

Jenkins and I had decided that we would split a few dishes between the two of us. Even though there was already some cauliflower in the appetizer platter, I don’t get to eat it often so we decided to order a meal-sized portion of the najib’s special to split between the two of us. The cauliflower was crispy without being overly grasy and its inside was nicely cooked and had a slightly creamy consistency. It went really well with the accompanying tahini and lemony dip.

2011-05-12 19-11-21 - IMG_5155

Jenkins ordered the chickn tawook, which was grilled chicken with paprika, thyme, lemon, and garlic. Jenkins really liked the juiciness of his chicken and the combination of the herbs with lemon but he noted that he would have liked for this dish to be slightly bigger.

2011-05-12 19-13-43 - IMG_5157

My first exposure to fattoush salad was at the Golden Pita and since I was hankering for some veggies, I decided to order it here. I added a chicken skewer to my salad to up the meat content a bit. I felt like the fattoush salad here was more of a regular green salad with a lemony vinaigrette with some toasted pitas tossed in. I was a bit disappointed with this, especially since my chicken skewer was a bit dry as well.

2011-05-12 19-16-04 - IMG_5160

I felt like the mezze dishes at Nuba were better than the mains and that lunch was a better value than dinner. Despite that, we all had a nice time at Nuba celebrating Tricia’s birthday. Service was quite attentive and the restaurant is an interesting tiki bar-themed space.

1489 East Hastings Street, Vancouver (The Waldorf Hotel)
Tel: 604-253-7141

Food: [rating:3]
Service: [rating:3.5]
Price: $$

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