Penang, Malaysia: Long Beach Hawker Stalls in Batu Ferrenghi

by gigi on August 29, 2011

After Jenkins and I arrived in Batu Ferrenghi, we decided to stay one evening in order to extend our stay there since we liked being by the beach so much. We ended up finding a pretty good deal at the Hard Rock Hotel, which had opened a few months earlier. It’s near the end of the beachy stretch of Batu Ferrenghi but about a 15 minute walk away were the Long Beach Hawker Stalls, which was where Jenkins and I went for dinner.


Similar to other hawker stalls, drinks are ordered tableside so Jenkins ordered a fresh honeydew juice and I ordered a iced milk tea while we discussed our dinner strategy for the evening.


I found a nasi kandar stall so I ordered a plate with some sambal chicken, beans, and a fried egg. It wasn’t as good as the version I had at Kassim Mustafa but it was passable. The chicken was spicy and not too dry and the egg did a good job of soaking up the sambal sauce. The beans were a little overcooked but had a nice flavour from the fermented bean curd (I think) that it was cooked in.


Of course, we also had to order our favourite Penang dish, char kway teow. This version wasn’t the best we had had during our trip but the noodles had a nice bounce and there was actually a lot of shrimp in this version.


We also ordered some chicken satay from the satay stall that opened shortly after we arrived. There was a decent amount of flavour in this satay but we would have liked for the charcoal flavour to be more prominent. The peanut dipping sauce could have been a little thicker and I like it to be a little spicier but it was still better than any version I’ve had in Vancouver. Smile


We were pretty full at this point but I noticed that there was a spring roll stall that seemed to be very popular so I couldn’t resist. The spring rolls were made fresh, to-order, and with rice wrapper instead of wheat wrapper. As a result, it was very crispy on the outside, and it tasted great when dipping in the accompanying tangy and spicy sauce. It was probably the best item that we had at this hawker centre.


To be honest, I didn’t have high hopes for the Long Beach Hawker Stalls because I knew it was in a relatively touristy area. However, the food was still quite tasty although it wasn’t the best that I’ve had in Malaysia. Prices are a little higher than the other places we’ve visited but again, that is also to be expected. If you are in the Batu Ferrenghi area and have limited transportation options available to you, this is a pretty good place to check out for some yummy local eats.

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