Friday Finds

by gigi on August 26, 2011

The Ultimate Guide to Starbucks’ Secret Menu: Secret menus at restaurants are nothing new and although I knew there were different terms to order basically the same drink at Starbucks, I did not know they also had a secret menu of their own. I came across this article over the weekend and although most drinks in the menu aren’t exactly my cup of tea (har har), I’d like to try out a affogato-style frappuchino the next time I’m at my local Starbucks. If you’ve had any luck with a secret menu drink at Starbucks, leave us a comment!


Eat Like a Foodie Without Breaking Your Budget: As much as I like to eat out, I do get tired of it when I eat out too often. Not only that, my wallet starts to complain when I start to stack too many “eat out” sessions as opposed to “eat in”. Smile Some of the tips in this article from Lifehacker are pretty common sense, I liked some of the recipe links including one for braised short ribs from a blog I like to read, Smitten Kitchen.

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