Penang, Malaysia: Roti Canai at Pelita Samudra Pertama

by gigi on August 22, 2011

For breakfast one morning, Jenkins and I went to Pelita Samudra Pertama, which was pretty close to Georgetown’s city centre. It was bustling but there was a lot of seating space so we did not have a problem finding a place to sit.

2011-01-03 20.10.29IMG_4698

It was a another hot day but Jenkins and I had become accustomed to starting our mornings with a hot drink anyway. We both decided to have a cup of freshly made tea tarik (Malaysian milk tea). We could see the tea being “pulled” (which is what tarik means) as the tea maker cooled the tea down by pouring it from one cup into another. Some places skip this step but you can tell if it is a true tea tarik by the frothy bubbles in your drink, which show up in abundance in the picture below.

2011-01-03 19.50.33IMG_4693

We decided to eat a little lighter that morning and grab another snack mid-afternoon. First came the roti canai. We could see the roti being freshly prepared behind the counter and it was light, crispy, and fluffy. It was not greasy at all and did a great job of soaking up the spicy curry dipping sauce. The sauce was not too watery and was packed full of curry flavour, which the roti did a great job of soaking up.

2011-01-03 20.01.04IMG_4695

I had really grown to like roti planta after being introduced to it in Melaka. Due to the addition of butter and suggar, the roti planta was crispier and had a much richer flavour. This version was a little greasy but I didn’t mind it. It tasted great on its own already but I really liked how the sweet, buttery flavour contrasted with the spicy curry dipping sauce.

2011-01-03 20.01.11IMG_4696

Pelita Samudra Pertama is open 24 hours so theoretically, you can go there to satiate your roti fix whenever you want as long as they haven’t run out. Smile They also have nasi kandar and a bunch of other tasty dishes but Jenkins and I were only able to try it out for breakfast.

146A, Jalan Mcalister, 10400, Penang

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