Penang, Malaysia: Ice Kacang at New World Park

by gigi on August 16, 2011

Before we went on our trip, I asked my friend Amelia for some good food recommendations in Penang because that was where she had grown up. One suggestion she had for us was to check out the New World Hawker Centre, which incidentally, happened to be only a few blocks from our hotel. Jenkins and I were walking home from dinner after our first evening in town and saw that some stalls were still open so we decided to stop by.

2011-01-02 05.15.26IMG_4637

We noticed that hawker centres don’t seem to open until very late (at least the ones we checked out) and there were only a handful of stalls still open when we walked by around 9pm or so. As usual, it was super hot and humid so Jenkins and I decided to cool down with some ice kacang.

It looks a bit odd if you’ve never had it before but ice kacang is basically shaved ice that is topped with many goodies, including grass jelly, red beans and corn. The whole mix is also drizzled with something pink that tastes like cream soda and some palm sugar syrup. It all looks a bit odd and Jenkins even admitted that he never tried it when he visited Malaysia when he was young because it looked so weird. Somehow, the combination of flavours work really well together, creating a sweet and slightly savoury frozen treat. It’s a great way to cool down and took the place of dessert for us many times during our trip.

2011-01-02 05.15.15IMG_4636

Lorong Swatow, 10050 Penang

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