EAT! Vancouver this weekend

by gigi on June 11, 2011

A reminder that the annual EAT! Vancouver convention is taking place this weekend. Jenkins and I were invited to attend as media attendees so even though we had other plans this weekend already, we were able to squeeze in a visit on Friday evening. It turned out to be fairly smart on our part because while everyone was busy watching the Canucks game, we were able to check out all the exhibits without having to fight with the usual crowds. :)

EAT! Vancouver

We made a couple of rounds through all the exhibits and returned to some of our favourite places for a repeat visit, sometimes to pick up some extra goodies. As is the case with EAT! Vancouver, Jenkins and I ended up being pretty full just by sampling all the food that the exhibitors were offering.

EAT! Vancouver

A few notable places to check out…I liked the Island Farms booth because they were giving out some pretty generous sized servings of ice cream. We had a choice of flavours and I ended up choosing the Moose Tracks, which had some cookie crumbs and chocolate peanut butter cups. I ended up getting some espresso from the Bosa Foods booth and I poured it into my ice cream to make some impromptu affogato. It was delicious :)

EAT! Vancouver

As usual, Bosa Foods had an impressive display. I didn’t want to make any impulse purchases though so I think I’ll just visit their permanent store location in East Vancouver in a couple of weeks.

EAT! Vancouver

We also got to visit the Boylan Soda booth where we had the chance to sample their full line of sodas and iced teas.

EAT! Vancouver

Another nice find was the Peanut Butter & Co booth. I stopped because I had just run out of peanut butter this morning so I thought I could pick some up here. In addition to the regular smooth and crunchy peanut butter options, they had additional flavours including Mighty Maple, which had crunchy maple bits in it and the Dark Chocolate Dreams, which almost tasted like Nutella but not as sweet. I picked up one of each plus a crunch peanut butter version for $10.

EAT! Vancouver

I do find EAT! Vancouver to be a bit hit and miss sometimes but you do sometimes find some interesting food items and good deals there. Many of the items can only be found in limited locations or specialty food stores so this is a good place to check out for some pretty unique things you may not find normally. Feel free to list any other finds in the comments section! :)

Vancouver Convention Centre: 1055 Canada Place (Exhibit Hall B & C)
Saturday, Jun 11: 10AM – 9PM
Sunday, Jun 12: 10AM – 5PM

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