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by gigi on May 19, 2011

I had been hearing a lot about one of the newer additions to Vancouver’s street cart scene: La Brasserie Street. I was intrigued by their simple menu as I find that most street carts are generally better when they stick to 1-2 things that they are good at. Of course, there’s always the exception but the fact that La Brasserie Street mainly did one thing, and seemed to do it quite well, was what appealed to me.

La Brasserie Street

I was able to round up a few friends and one sunny lunch hour, we trooped over to the entrance to the Georgia and Granville Canada Line station, which was where the La Brasserie Street cart was located. I was expecting there to be a wait but we must have missed the crowds as we were able to put in our orders almost immediately. Before long, we were presented with our sandwiches: roasted chicken drizzled with gravy and topped with crispy fried onions nestled between a soft bun. You had your choice of adding spicy mustard or grainy Dijon. I chose Dijon (not pictured below).

La Brasserie Street

Somehow, we resisted diving right into our sandwiches until we were able to find a table back at the office so we could sit down and eat like civilised people. :) The bun did not get too soggy during transit and the flavours of the chicken and gravy was tasty and delicious without being too salty. The onions added the prerequisite crunch and I really liked my choice of grainy Dijon mustard, which added some crunch. If we were still standing in front of the street cart, I may have been tempted to order a second one. At only $6.95 per sandwich, I thought this was a great deal.

When I was placing my order, I saw a large jar of butter tarts and a sign proclaiming that these were the best butter tarts ever. I was intrigued so decided to order one for dessert. I’m not sure if these were the best butter tarts ever but then again, I’m not a huge fan of butter tarts in general. The crust was quite crumbly though and the buttery, sweet filling was nice but I would have liked for there to be some more nuts. This is more of a personal preference than anything else though. At $1.79 per tart, the price isn’t bad so if you are a butter tart fan, you may be interested in checking these out.

La Brasserie Street

I really enjoyed my sandwich at La Brasserie Street. Since it’s quite close to my office, I have yet another temptation nearby when I conveniently forget to bring my lunch from home. :)

Corner of West Georgia and Granville Street, Vancouver

Food: [rating:4]
Service: n/a
Price: $

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