Melaka, Malaysia: Dim Sum at Man Ting Siang

by gigi on May 9, 2011

As I start sharing our adventures in Melaka, I have one confession to make. Since Jenkins and I were taken around by Jenkins’ cousins, I did not note down any addresses or locations of the places we went to. This was a bit of a shame because Jenkins’ cousins knew a ton of good places for tasty eats in and around the city. I guess I will just need to rely on their generosity again the next time I go. :)

2010-12-25 19.00.44IMG_3995

One of the places we went to was Man Ting Siang, which is a dim sum joint, but is better known for its delicious steamed buns. Jenkins’ dad enjoyed this place so much when he was in Melaka that he kept on raving about it to us before he went. Jenkins’ cousins ended up taking us here the second day we were in town. They noted that we probably wouldn’t be that impressed with the dim sum, which was especially second rate compared to what we were used to in Vancouver…but said we should definitely have some steamed buns. There was quite a crowd in front when we arrived but we were able to secure some seats for our party of six.

Man Ting Siang

I won’t go into too much detail about the dim sum because I must say that it wasn’t very good…and we weren’t even sure what some of the dishes were. For example, we had these steamed fish paste balls with dried mussels. It was a bit oversteamed and slightly on the fishy side.

Man Ting Siang

There were also classic dim sum dishes like siu mai (pork dumplings). This was an all-pork version rather than the half-pork, half-prawn version we were more used to. It was also somewhat lacklustre although not altogether bad tasting.

Man Ting Siang

Then came the real stars of the show, the steamed big buns. They were freshly made and came piping hot out of the steamer. I think one bun would have been more than enough for a light-ish breakfast actually.

Man Ting Siang

I was warned that the buns were quite juicy so I broke mine in half instead of biting right into it. Inside, it was chock full of juicy pork, mushrooms, and even an egg. The sweet and salty sauce combined all the ingredients together and made this one of the best buns I’ve ever had. I understood now why there were lines of people outside the restaurant just waiting to buy bags of buns for takeout.

Man Ting Siang

I was told that this place occasionally sells out of buns but we had arrived around 9:30AM or so that day and luckily, they still had some left for us. :)

Jalan Ong Kim Wee, Melaka, Malaysia

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